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     We are very pleased that you searched to us.  We are sorry that we cannot answer your mail with a personal letter but we are unable to do that.  Our budget is very limited.  We cannot afford the staff necessary to respond personally.
     Often we receive letters explaining in elaborate detail one's entire medical history, asking for medical advice.  Unfortunately, we are not a treatment facility and we are absolutely unable to render any diagnostic impressions or to advise a writer of a particular treatment.  That would be practicing medicine.
     Please understand that we are an educational organization.  We don't treat, we teach. We are not allowed to respond to your letters in which you may have asked for medical advice. However, we do hope that this website will give you the knowledge that will help you find the answers that you seek.
     This website is intended for educational information only.  Treatment for an appendicitis is not a do it yourself' project.  Neither is treatment for anxiety disorders.  If you believe, after reading this, that you might have an anxiety disorder, you should see your physician who can either diagnose and treat you, or refer you to a specialist.

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