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Georgann Chenault

Web Site Design & Development Projects
Dr. Stephen Cox - Physician's Office web site, very unique – like the physician. A personal work for 25 years, easy navigation, complex subject

Hotwork - Hired specifically to improve SEO to site designed by firm oversees, then move, revise and admin.  Hotwork performs heatups and dryouts for industrial clients worldwide.

Design Clients and Projects

Marriott's Griffin Gate Resort
Color advertising, back-lit dioramas, signage

Mason & Hanger
ADDY winning corporate brochure  When this impressive company saw government contracts shrinking, they decided to direct their attention to private contracts. At this pivotal point in the company's 180 year history, we produced a brochure that positioned Mason & Hanger with the top corporations in the nation.

Stony Oak Farm & Training Center
Logo for thoroughbred training center.

Federal Express Corp.
FedEx in Memphis has many interesting projects for designers... if you can get them.
Hazardous Materials Public Seminars - Pocket folder for Seminar Attendees.
Also, a sharp continuing education piece for FedEx employees.

Original business name and logo for company specializing in event planning, seminars, corporate training and teleconferencing.

King & Company Advertising
Arabian Video Magazine / Hammond Productions, Palomar Hills, Marshall University / Society of Yeager Scholars

Community Bank, From logo and identity through start-up marketing

Lexington Arts and Cultural Council
Horse Mania logo This project logo was needed to announce and promote the Horse Mania Project to the public and to the artists.

Lexington Country Club
New club logo. Designed Spring 2001 with the specific goal of reflecting Lexington's country flavor and historical qualities while showing our town & country style.

Cleanway New logo / corporate identity & stationery

Greater Lexington Chamber of Commerce
For the 1998 Chamber Guide to Lexington and Member Directory publications, member design firms and ad agencies were asked to bid on this important work. Crime Stoppers identity & ads

Supra Sports, Inc., Greenback, TN
Ski Boat Manufacturer, International sales 1985 - 1992. This company was a great find in Lexington. What started with the occasional production project for the owner of the D'Lites franchise resulted in a long term relationship with a major ski boat manufacturing company where he was also Marketing Director. 7 years and a number of advertising awards later the materials still look contemporary. These boats still top the wish list of many ski fanatics. - Full page ad.

Wilkinson Enterprises
Quality Place (Lexington), The Capital Plaza Hotel (Frankfort
Park Plaza Apartments - logo / identity, literature, advertising design. When you build a new apartment building smack in the center of the city and you need to develop the image for that apartment, you have to consider the logo and leasing literature very carefully. Chenault Design designed all aspects of Park Plaza's identity - down to the apartment door numbers.

Self Promotion Ads
Cut the Fluff * Goliath * Sweat  If you can't have a little fun with your own ads, what's the point!

Shelf Plus
This company changed its name and decided to build its new marketing program with identity and advertising campaigns produced by Chenault.

Meridian / formerly MER & Associates
Florafax International, Festival Market, Jerry's Restaurants, The Webb Companies, Silks, Hilton Suites

Inauguration '87 - This work was designed and produced exclusively by Chenault Design for the Inauguration '87 Committee. Since so many enthusiastic supporters paid for the Inauguration festivities of Governor Wallace Wilkinson it certainly seemed fitting that the party favors become more like keepsakes for the guests than just hats and horns. Chenault Design made everything to be a memento of the events.