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My assignment was to convey the character and flavor of the Park Plaza project in the original logo and leasing brochure.
For this logo, I selected a type face that was simple but very sophisticated and one you won't see everyday. Had to special order the letters from a headline house in Memphis. It did require hand cutting some of the letter forms as well as working out the drawing by hand. At the very least I could expect it to remain unique for a number of years. Fortunately, this typeface has not become readily available in the local market.

A simple form that puts the emphasis on the small park located at Main and Limestone makes a city building interesting. The mark also reminds me of the Four Seasons restaurant so it looks like a very urban environment.The property management company was pushing me to work off of a sketch from someone associated with their group. I decided it was more important to work towards something relevant to the property and consitent with the image the client would ultimately want. The award-winning logo is still being used, the management company is not.Conveys the image the client wanted extremely well, I think.
Logo work for Park Plaza was solo.