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There can be no sacrifice to the national quality image of Marriott on items produced at the local level. So Marriott's Griffin Gate Resort in Lexington is a great client for a designer that is sensitive to and capable of living up to their standards. Although the newspaper advertising is produced by their corporate headquarters, there are a number of unique projects each quarter that require careful design attention. Like the airport diorama shown, above right.
You only have a few seconds to reach someone stepping onto the down escalator so you have to make your message very clean and the images very attractive. The overall size of this back-lit diorama shown above is about 5 ft. x 4 ft. All of the work was done with digital images in our computers, in-house. Then it was output at a shop that specializes in back-lit transparencies of this size.

The diorama below hangs in the visitor's center. It is a comprehensive overhead guide to all of Marriott's Griffin Gate Resort in Lexington. What an undertaking!
Design and supervision of the production for these projects were solo.