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I am adamant that all designs are not created equal. Every assignment has an essential direction it should take. That is to say, every design problem is both a production problem and a creative problem. Discovering and illuminating the essential direction of a piece is the creative function of a designer. Without that discovery process, any communications device (print, advertising, etc.) is just a layout. Most of the significant designers of this century would not dream of beginning an assignment without first discovering the rationale for their approach. None of them work off of a particular layout style. Good designers always work to the assignment -- if politics permit.

This assignment required a leisure reading approach. Something you woudn't mind leaving on your coffee table. It should look like it does not belong in a file cabinet. Sort of a take off on Southern Living only with a good deal more space devoted to photography. People believe pictures.

While the primary focus of the Chamber of Commerce is business, business and business -- individuals, families and companies interested in our community are concerned with a myriad of issues. The physical appeal of the region, housing, education, jobs and the workforce, taxes, utilities and everything affecting family life are likely to play a significant part in a decision to locate a family and/or business in Lexington. Here again, people believe pictures.
A fantastic selection of photos from various regional photographers made this effort a pleasure.