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A corporate brochure as unique as this family of companies it was to represent was needed. Mason & Hanger Corporation provides architectural, engineering, and construction services. The company, formerly known as Mason & Hanger-Silas Mason Co., Inc., changed its name to Mason & Hanger Corporation in 1996. The original family of companies hails back to 1827, as the nation's oldest engineering and construction company. It has since established itself in commercial and defense manufacturing and providing technical services. In 1993 when this brochure was done, Mason & Hanger was the only company in the world qualified to demilitarize all three major weapons types (nuclear, conventional and chemical). I was very honored and priveledged to produce this award winning brochure for such a tremendous company.
Since this company represented so many kinds of fields, and did so majestically, I realized it needed much more than a great layout. This thing needed to be an abstraction of what the company was all about. None of the fields would be compatible with the others and their photos (frankly) weren't that current or that great. As a result I took a large step back and created the motif for this brochure using a painted backdrop and all white or neutral props. The result was a consistent look to a very complex business with each segment getting its own spread. I painted the backdrop, painted the props, set up the sets and art directed the shots besides designing and producing the brochure Phew!
Concept, Design & Art Direction, Georgann Chenault
Photography, Jeff Rogers