Adaptive Marketing Group, Inc.

Adaptive Marketing Group, Inc. is a privately held company
specializing in the digital communications.

Adaptive Marketing's three founders bring a total of 73 years
experience in marketing, economic development, sales
and award winning communications design to the organization.


By 1986, the original company, Chenault Design, was the first
fully computerized design firm in the Lexington area.
(To view the digital portfolio of an experienced designer - go here.)

Expanding on this considerable experience in marketing and
advertising with a 100% digital shop, Adaptive Marketing Group, Inc.
was created. Taking the obvious step into interactive marketing and communications,
the first of several new services was launched in the 4th quarter of 1994.


Adaptive Marketing Group's services include:

For information on these services,
contact Lexington on-Line,
Todd Strecker or Georgann Chenault at 281-0003.

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